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A .dng file is a raw photo saved in the Digital Negative format. Many kinds of digital cameras, including Hasselblad, Pentax, and Leica cameras, save photos as DNG files. These files store all the data a camera's CCD sensor captured when the photo was taken. Retaining all this data allows photographers to more precisely edit the image a DNG file contains. It also results in DNG files having quite large file sizes.

Unlike some other types of raw images, many image viewers and editors can open DNG files. However, you may still want to convert your DNG images to a more common image format, so you can use and store them more efficiently. Converting a DNG file to the JPEG (.jpg) format will noticeably reduce the file's size, but may also reduce its image quality. Converting to the BMP (.bmp), TIFF (.tiff), or PNG (.png) format will retain the image's quality, but not reduce its file size as much.

NOTE: Converting a DNG file to a non-raw format removes the raw data it contains. Therefore, you may want to retain a copy of your DNG file for future editing.

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