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A .psb file is an Adobe Photoshop Large Document image file, similar to the standard Photoshop document (.psd) but with extra features to support very large files. The PSB format is designed for Photoshop documents that are larger than 30,000 x 30,000 pixels or 2 GB in size. They are otherwise the same as PSD files, supporting layers, effects, text, and other editing features.

Converting a PSB file into another format comes with a few limitations. First, PSB files are by their nature very large, so converting them requires a format that supports large enough images. They also can include multiple image layers (as well as effect and edit layers) that will be lost — multiple image layers will be flattened into one, and effects will be permanently applied. Photographs can be saved as JPEG (.jpg) images, as long as the image is within the size limit of 65,535 × 65,535 pixels, and will result in a much smaller file due to the format's lossy compression. Converting a PSB to TIFF (.tif) is possible, but the TIFF format has a maximum file size of 4 GB. Converting a PSB to a PNG (.png) file is a good choice, as the PNG format has no theoretical maximum dimensions or file size.

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