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About PPT Files

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A .ppt file is a Microsoft PowerPoint presentation. The PPT format was standard in the 1990s and 2000s but has declined since Microsoft replaced it with the PPTX (.pptx) format when it released PowerPoint 2007. Although the PPT format is not as common as it once was, you may still encounter presentations, such as financial reports, class lessons, or photo slideshows, saved as .ppt files on your computer or receive them as email attachments.

You may want to convert your .ppt file to the PPTX format to ensure that you can continue to edit it as presentation apps eventually drop support for the PPT format. However, since .pptx files are saved in a different format than .ppt files, the presentation appearance may change slightly. Additionally, if you no longer need to edit your .ppt file and only want to view the presentation, you can convert it to JPEG (.jpg), PNG (.png), or PDF (.pdf) formats. Converting the presentation to the JPEG or PNG formats will result in individual images for each slide while a .pdf file will be a single document with multiple pages (depending on the number of slides in the presentation).

About File Helper

File Helper is a free web-based file utility that can open Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation (Legacy) files and over 150 other file formats directly in your web browser. It displays file properties, including metadata, and image EXIF data, along with information about the corresponding file type. File Helper can also view and convert images to several common formats. Have an unknown file or a file without an extension? No problem — File Helper can identify over 15,000 file types.

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