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About PIC Files

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A .pic file is a type of bitmap image file used by early MS-DOS computer graphics programs like Pictor Paint (later PC Paint). These files store raster image data either uncompressed or using lossless RLE encoding. The PIC file format is very similar to the PCX (.pcx) file format of the same era.

The PIC file format is no longer used but was common for several years. The format can still be opened by many image editors and can be converted into a more common format for sharing over the Internet. Illustrations and images using few colors can be converted to GIF (.gif) and PNG (.png) images, while photographs can be converted into JPEG (.jpg) files. They can also be converted into lossless bitmap (.bmp) or TIFF (.tif) images to conserve the original image data in a more-compatible format.

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File Helper is a free web-based file utility that can open Pictor Paint Image files and over 150 other file formats directly in your web browser. It displays file properties, including metadata, and image EXIF data, along with information about the corresponding file type. File Helper can also view and convert images to several common formats. Have an unknown file or a file without an extension? No problem — File Helper can identify over 15,000 file types.

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