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An .xlsm file is a Microsoft Excel Macro-Enabled spreadsheet. This spreadsheet file is the same as an .xlsx spreadsheet but supports macros, a feature for automating complex tasks. For example, a business professional utilizing Microsoft Excel will save their quarterly report as an .xlsm file when they have added a macro for calculating the revenue of a product over a specific period.

Since not many apps support .xlsm files, you may want to convert it to XLSX (.xlsx) format, which is much more widely supported. However, converting it to an .xlsx file removes the macro functionality. Additionally, you might want to convert it to the Comma Separated Values (.csv) format if you are only transferring the spreadsheet number or text data (this will also remove macro functionality and spreadsheet formatting). Finally, if you simply want to preserve the spreadsheet's appearance and no longer edit it, you can convert it to PDF (.pdf) format.

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