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About SCT Files

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An .sct file is a Scitex Continuous Tone image file. These files store raster image data for high-quality images used by the graphic design and publishing industry. SCT files can support greyscale, RGB, and CMYK color formats.

Most professional graphic design and desktop publishing software can open SCT files and convert them into other common image formats. However, converting an SCT file that uses CMYK colors to an image format that only supports RGB colors will result in slight changes to the appearance of some colors. Since SCT files are most often used for professional graphic design, you can maintain image quality by converting to a format like TIFF (.tif) or PNG (.png) that losslessly compresses data. If the SCT file is being converted for a preview to share online, a lossy format like JPEG (.jpg) will greatly reduce file size with a small loss in fidelity.

About File Helper

File Helper is a free web-based file utility that can open Scitex Continuous Tone Image files and over 150 other file formats directly in your web browser. It displays file properties, including metadata, and image EXIF data, along with information about the corresponding file type. File Helper can also view and convert images to several common formats. Have an unknown file or a file without an extension? No problem — File Helper can identify over 15,000 file types.

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