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About JP2 Files

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A .jp2 file is a JPEG 2000 image file, designed for high-quality digital photos. This format was created to replace the original JPEG standard but never caught on due to its slow and memory-intensive editing process. It supports both lossless and lossy compression.

JPEG 2000 files are viewable by most image editors but aren't as well-supported by web browsers. Converting one to JPEG (.jpg) will make it easier to share, although there may be some quality loss when converting from a lossy JP2 to a lossy JPEG. Converting to a lossless format like PNG (.png), bitmap (.bmp), or TIFF (.tif) will preserve all of the image data, but at a higher file size.

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File Helper is a free web-based file utility that can open JPEG 2000 Image files and over 150 other file formats directly in your web browser. It displays file properties, including metadata, and image EXIF data, along with information about the corresponding file type. File Helper can also view and convert images to several common formats. Have an unknown file or a file without an extension? No problem — File Helper can identify over 15,000 file types.

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