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A .txt file is a plain text file. It is widespread since its format is so simple, leading every text editor to support it. People may use .txt files in various ways, including saving notes recorded from a meeting, copy meant to be published online, or an instruction manual for playing a game downloaded from the Internet.

While .txt files are widely supported, you may want to convert your file to a different format that supports more features to create an enhanced document. For example, you may want to convert to the standard Word Document (.docx) format to create a complex report with images and tables. You could also convert it to the Rich Text (.rtf) format, which nearly every word processor supports, to create a book report or letter with text formatting features. Also, if you no longer need to edit the text file and want to preserve its content, you can convert the .txt file to the PDF (.pdf) format.

Converting to TXT

TXT is an ideal target format for converting a document to remove all of its formatting and preserve the text. For example, if you are converting a .docx file and only want to keep its text, the TXT format is an excellent choice.

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