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A .docx file is a Microsoft Word document. Since Microsoft Word is the most popular word processing program, .docx files are one of the most popular file formats in the world. They are commonly used in business and education, and are a common type of email attachment.

Even though Word documents are commonly distributed, not all operating systems include software that can open them. Therefore, you may need to convert .docx files to more standard formats like PDF (.pdf), Rich Text (.rtf), or even plain text (.txt). A PDF may provide the closest match to the original file, but it won't be editable like a typical word processing document. The Rich Text Format will retain most of the formatting of the original Word document, but may lose some data, such as images and tables. Converting a Word document to a plain text file will remove all the formatting, exporting only text.

NOTE: Word documents created before Microsoft Word 2007 were saved in a different format and had a .doc extension.

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