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About ICO Files

.ico Icon

An .ico file is an icon file. Microsoft developed the ICO format to store multiple images used for a single icon. ICO files typically contain images ranging from 16x16 to 256x256 pixels.

While various image viewers and editors support ICO files, you may want to convert icons to individual images. For example, converting (or exporting) a 256x256 image from an ICO file to PNG (.png) allows you to publish it on a website or import it into a video project. PNG is typically the best conversion format for icons since it is lossless and maintains the transparency data stored in the icon.

About File Helper

File Helper is a free web-based file utility that can open Icon files and over 150 other file formats directly in your web browser. It displays file properties, including metadata, and image EXIF data, along with information about the corresponding file type. File Helper can also view and convert images to several common formats. Have an unknown file or a file without an extension? No problem — File Helper can identify over 15,000 file types.

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