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An .m4v file is an iTunes Video file. It is similar to the MPEG-4 Video (.mp4) format but is primarily used by Apple to distribute videos, such as TV shows, music videos, or movies, purchased through its iTunes store to computers or devices, including iPhones, iPads, and iPods. Because .m4v files are commonly used for storing copyrighted content, they often employ Apple's FairPlay DRM copyright protection.

While many video players support .m4v files, you may still want to convert your .m4v file to an .mp4 file since MPEG-4 Video is the most common file format for storing and sharing video. You may also want to convert the video to Apple Quicktime Movie format, another container format developed by Apple that specializes in storing high-quality video. Keep in mind if the .m4v file is copyright-protected, you will not be able to convert the video. In cases like these, Apple requires you to authenticate through the iTunes store on the device you are playing the video to verify that you purchased the video.

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